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YeeHaw LeMons Texas 09

  10/26/09 18:25, by GTXgp, Categories: News

Having learned a lot from the last race, we came to MSR Houston for YeeHaw It's LeMons 2009. There were over 120 entrants and they were running FULL COURSE! This time around, we had 0 mechanical problems. We ran a clean race, and only got black flagged a five times, but with no real "penalty time". We had faster pits but the black flags certainly held us back. In the end, we finished 6th out of 120 which is certainly remarkable for what we are racing with. I will come back and add more pics later, but here is one for the meantime:

Nose Job

  09/20/09 17:46, by GTXgp, Categories: News

The theme of our modifications for this race is cooling. We already modified the hood to get more air in & out of the engine compartment, now we wanted to do the same for the radiator so we turned to the bumper. Not only was the bumper falling apart from an accident the previous owner had, but the design of the SE bumper put the upper grilles directly in front of the bumper support. We felt that this was a weakness of the SE bumper that was preventing a good flow of air through the radiator. Finding a GT-style bumper cheap was easier said than done, most junkyards wanted $100+ for one in poor condition. After much searching, I found a guy on CL selling any part off his Grand Prix for $20. I found it hard to believe that he would sell the bumper for that cheap but he did!

One modification we made before installing the bumper was to add an airdam. In 2000, Pontiac added an airdam to the factory bumper to help divert air from the lower grilles into the radiator instead of going under the car. Using some simple sheetmetal we duplicated this piece and secured it to the lower radiator support to ensure all air going in to the lower grilles was forced through the radiator. After a little spray paint.... viola!

This also gave us a place to mount the front license plate, since the GT-style has a built in plate holder where the SE does not.

MSR Practice Day

  09/07/09 18:08, by GTXgp, Categories: News

The one thing that we did not get a chance to do last time was have a real practice day. Unfortunately, our first practice day was the Friday before the race and led to the near devistating head gasket failure. Not this time...

MSR Houston was having a practice day on Labor Day weekend so the team decided to go down to test the car. Not only was there a very light showing (only about 5 cars) but they were running FULL COURSE! We can only hope that at Gatorama they run full course, because it was quite fun.

This was also a chance to show off our new JB-Weld Graphics...

JB-Weld Letter

  08/25/09 18:11, by GTXgp, Categories: News

Since we were changing the name of the team to Team JB-Weld, we decided to write a letter to the company to see if they were interested in any type of sponsorship. We put a lot of time and thought into it and drafted a letter to them.

Click Here to read it.

Edit: As of January 1, 2010, we never received ANY type of response from JB-Weld... not even a "form letter" thank you. Bummer!

Back in the Hood

  06/22/09 20:00, by GTXgp, Categories: News

One of the items we are going to focus on for the next race is further weight reduction. We started with the hood by removing most of the bracing:

Also, while we were there, we decided to add some inlet and outlet vents for heat extraction:

Not only should they function well to remove heat from the engine compartment, but they also look very sinister as well. These did require removal of our hood graphic. But, we have some new in store... so stay tuned!


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